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Johnson's Orchards is a family owned and operated farm. Our farm is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and at the foot of the Peaks Of Otter, about 8 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway and 7 miles from the National D-Day Memorial

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There are creeks meandering thru the hills of ‘Appleseed Country’ refreshing a herd of cattle, a flock of sheep, burros, goats, and other domestic animals and wildlife.

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The 200+ acres have around 7500 apple trees with almost 200 different varieties planted. We have an apple we developed on site and named the ‘Gold Nugget’ in honor of the Beale Treasure. Our farm has been used by Unsolved Mysteries, in 1987, the BBC in 1999, Fox in 2000, the Travel Channel in 2002, and a Korean film crew in 2003 for their filming of the Beale Treasure.

Our Facilities

Our facilities include: a log cabin with modern restroom facilities. A pavilion for picnicking with a 15-foot statue of Johnny Appleseed watching. There are many trails in the orchard for walking and hiking with a breathtaking view from any point.

The sales area is our old packing shed with our Winery located in the cellar. There are displays of apples, peaches, nectarines and plums; cold cider from the press, and lots of jellies, jams, butters and relishes.

Our present farm was established in 1919 by ancestors, Robert Lee and J. Elmo Johnson, and is a five generation farm. Our fruit growing originated on the top of the Peaks Of Otter where the National Park Service has restored our ancestors farm, called ‘The Johnson Farm’. Apples from the original planting have been grafted and nurtured on the present orchard site and now re-planted in 1998 at the old ‘The Johnson Farm’ for others to enjoy.

Our winery is just versatile as our orchards. We produce over 25 different fruit wines. Our wines may remind you of "Grandma's wines", they tend to be a little sweet with a little bite of acid. In addition to being an excellent choice to complement some entrees, these wines are excellent with snacks, as an after dinner wine, or just sipping. Appropriate for any occasion, from the sharpness of the crabapple, to the mellow taste of pear and peach, to the bite of the apple pepper, to the smoothness of the blackberry and raspberry, this wine is certain to appeal to all tastes.

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HOURS Weekends-Noon to 5pm (January-March) Daily-Noon to 5pm (April-December) Fruit - August - October
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"In point of soil, climate... and good neighborhood I think it the finest part of Virginia."

          - Thomas Jefferson             (when talking about

            Bedford County)

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